AAS Vidyalaya - Changes in class 10 CBSE question paper pattern 2021-22

Changes in class 10 CBSE question paper pattern 2021-22

From the academic year 2021- 22, the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has decided to make several changes to the board exam format for classes 9 to 12. In light of the new National Education Policy and commencement of online classes for CBSE students, the Board has begun to move toward Competency Based Education (CBE) (NEP). Students will have more inquiries about how to apply knowledge in real life situations. While the total grade and examination time will remain the same. Visit our CBSE app for online classes and examine the modifications to the CBSE board exam pattern for the years 2021- 22

The existing pattern of the class 10 paper includes question types that are objective, such as multiple choice questions, integrated questions are case based/ source based and questions which require short answer / long answer. The objective questions account for 20 per cent of the total, 20 per cent of questions include integrated questions and finally 60 per cent of the questions are short answer / long answer type. You can learn more about this on our CBSE app for online classes.

Now with the changed pattern the question paper will include a minimum of 30 per cent of the questions that would be competency based such as multiple choice questions, case based questions, source-based integrated questions, and other sorts of questions can be used. The percentage of objective questions will remain at 20 per cent. Finally, 50 per cent of the remaining questions will be short answer/ long answer. And all of this can be covered in AAS online classes for CBSE students.

According to the official notice, "The National Education Policy 2020 affirms the need to shift from rote to competency based learning, with a greater emphasis on developing students' creative and critical thinking abilities in order to address the problems of the twenty first century head on. It emphasises that learners must be able to solve problems, and that assessment must shift from rote memorization skills to one that is more formative, competency based, promotes learning and development for our students, and tests higher order skills like analysis, critical thinking, and conceptual clarity."

After a rise of COVID 19 positive cases across the country, the schools started CBSE online learning and later CBSE cancelled the Class 10 board examinations in 2021 and postponed the Class 12 board exams. It made the decision following a high level discussion between Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Education Minister Dr Ramesh Pokhriyal 'Nishank' on April 14th. The board will assess the matter in June, according to sources, and provide a revised exam date sheet for Class 12 exams.

CBSE will issue sample papers based on the new design in the near future. Schools are required to teach in a consistent manner through CBSE online learning. This will provide students with knowledge on the new pattern, allowing them to better prepare. According to the amended design, there will be 20% competency-based questions and 20% objective questions in classes 11 and 12, as opposed to 20% objective-type questions. Multiple-choice questions (MCQs), case-based questions, source-based integrated questions, and other types of competency-based questions are all possible. Currently, 70% of questions are short answer/long response, but this will be reduced to 60% in the future.

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